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People have been modifying and customizing their rides since the 1930s when bootleggers had to move mass quantities of moonshine. Moving loads of white lightning from country stills where it was brewed to the waiting customers demanded cars that could outrun the cops and drivers that could take it to the limit.Treasury officers just couldn’t keep up. “I called the cars the government gave us 'mechanical miscarriages’” said Joe Carter, an alcohol tax unit (ATU) agent.

The moonshine era modifieds gave birth to modern stock car racing, like NASCAR, but the cars on the track couldn’t hold a flame to the ones carrying that white lightning. Junior Johnson won 50 NASCAR races but that was small-time next to the years he spent as a moonshiner in North Carolina. On the track there are rules and limits to mods but on the street, they could do anything. 40s Fords with Flathead V-8s ruled supreme into the 1950s wanting more power under the hood, moonshiners started replacing the V-8s with the biggest Cadillac engines they could find--ambulance engines. They added superchargers, turbos, and Hemis. Their handiwork kept them out running cops at speeds close to 200 miles per hour. In the end, prohibition was repealed and bootlegging tapered off, but a legacy lives on in America today.

American Speed Offers Car Enthusiasts all across America the ability to become a part of something different. Where we are about the American Passion of customizing regardless of the vehicle you drive. As authorized local retailers, we offer our members and non memebers the ability to purchase parts and accessories from top notch companies from all across America. We provide a customized location complete with everything needed where members can come and work on their futures in the car world. Furthermore, by becoming a chapter of American speed, this paves the way for you to have your own congregation of car enthusiasts in the future.

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American Speed Chapters


Here at American Speed we offer an exciting opportunity to not only become part of a great organization but if you are outside of any of the current Chapter locations you can Join and start a new Chapter of American Speed.

You get to have your own website!! Your own custom page, pictures, content, etc. , including a section on the Forum (this includes transferring of content from your old site as well) In addition, All of your members can have their OWN e-mail address. Example: joecars@American-Speed.com If you already have logo’s for cars, shirts or polo’s with your club name then our design team will remake logo’s as well. Both Young and Old Members are welcome. There is no age limit!

Join as a member:


-Discounts: We have already arranged for you to have discounts with our Sponsors.

-Conference room for all your meetings

-Monthly newsletters regarding upcoming events and what’s going on with the organization and affiliates. FREE Full access to our Website and 2 Logo’s for your cars !

Or if you prefer just order your favorite parts from top notch companies and receive exclusive special promotions as American Speed is an authorized local dealer.

Sassy Speed Models


Sassy Speed was founded in December of 2012. We are a Chapter of American Speed whose sole purpose is to endorse and represent American Speed at Events. Sense American Speed is nonprofit, we help raise money for American Speed by doing car washes, bake sales, etc. You have probably seen us at many events across the country, including the ISCA shows as well as other huge shows across America.